Saturday, April 25, 2015

almost last

Well, looks like the semester whipped by without much in the way of blog posts, but here are photographs from last Friday's class, with everyone working in the cave with their light tables on the final project.

It was a great pleasure getting to co-teach with Lowell Boston this time, the first time. I learned by watching him and listening to his calm, rational discourse. Hope to do more co-teaching in the future.

Thanks, class, for your efforts this semester. It seems drawn animation takes longer, generally, than object animation, probably simply because it takes more time to draw an image than it does to move an object. Nonetheless, this is probably the most fundamental skill that the majority of would-be animators need to learn. Keep honing your skills, and also your ideas.

Here are the photos:

 Ryan, serving as foreground for Lowell's formula for setting pencil test transparency in After Effects.
 Beau, working from a 10 field.
 Andrea, trying out left-handed flipping, studious as always.
 The class in semi-darkness.
 Shay, with his 2D Computer green screen assignment in hand, as Dawid looks on.
Dawid, taking a momentary pause for the photo.
 Guia, roused from her light table.
Wide shot of the class.
 Jeremy, combining a left-handed PBJ lunch with right-handed animating.
 Dre, figuring out the scale relationship between frogs and lily pads.
 Lowell, reviewing student work, with Arthur silhouetted in the foreground.
 Lowell and James.
 Christina, checking to see the results of her drawing.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

spring 2015

after a hiatus of one year due to curricular course shuffling, animation principles is back, with a new cohort of young artists and a lot of drawing to do.

we made a class trip to Blick and Staples to pick up Col-Erase pencils, erasers, and paper, and started in on the pendulum: arcs and cushioning/ease-in/out. the first week's assignment is "line alive," using charcoal.

welcome, everyone!

~ Chris the Teacher Person

Thursday, November 21, 2013

fall '13

a few images from the fall '13 class, a little past mid-semester, tired but still kicking, working on their final projects...

zip & max, in different states of carpe diem.

james, taking it all in stride.

tim, thoughtfully poised, mee in bg.

max getting it in the camera.

meghan compositing.

mee: digital & analog.